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Production machinery park

Production methods :
Kinetic Systems has its own production facilities structured in 3 poles:

Reactivity = Stock Availability:
Our means of production allow us to control the availability of parts necessary for the realization of the different products of the range.
This large stock allows us to optimize our lead times.

Digital milling center

  • Large capacity CNC milling machines for machining very long profiles without machining.
  • Particularly interesting for linear motor modules requiring very high machining precision.
  • Fast machining and optimal manufacturing quality.


Milling center

Milling centers are strategic because of their speed and accuracy.

Milling center: speed and precision

CNC Lathes

  • Turning centers enable us to produce guiding and training elements of the highest quality.
  • The CNC lathes allow us to machine our largest electric cylinder: the KCY 200, as well as large diameter components.

Turning center: precision and quality


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